Your dream building bestie

Real estate obsessed

Dedicated to agent success

How It Started

Jessica’s love for real estate shows best in her care for her clients and agents. What started as a sales job, has quickly evolved into a community, brand, coach, and teacher role. Jessica loves teaching real estate just as much as she loves selling it. She is constantly helping her client’s win and agent’s succeed.

Jessica loves helping agents build the real estate businesses they’ve always dreamed of creating. The one that creates income and impact. The one that actually affords a level of freedom that may feel unattainable. The one you set out to create in the first place but maybe got a little side tracked from.

Jess dove into real estate head first just a few short years ago. And upon doing that, she learned a whole lot about real estate in a really short amount of time. She surrounded herself with mentors, real estate podcasts, brokers, and coaches. Living, eating, and breathing real estate became a lifestyle within itself. Fed up with a career that made isolating easy, she started the Lifestyle by Real Estate platform to connect with like-minded women in real estate. Craving friendship and connection in the real estate arena, that’s how the brand Lifestyle by Real Estate was born.

How It's Going

What started as a few followers turned friends, quickly grew into a world-wide following, a real estate brand, coaching company, and podcast. Jessica’s love for real estate caught the attention of thousands and her commitment to agents just kept growing the more she saw agents struggling.


87% of agents will not make it in this industry, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the expansion of the internet and mentorship available at our fingertips, Jess has created a platform to reach agents and help them get ahead before they hit burnout.


So whether you’re a brand new agent or many years in, Jessica’s innovative teachings and dedication to agents will be your permission slip to think outside of the box and create the business you so badly wanted.