Do you know what to do to bring in your next lead? What about your next 10, 20, or 30?


Is someone there to walk you through how to bring your client from a lead to a closing table?


Are you receiving the mentorship you need to run your own real estate business?


Are you surrounded and supported by a group of agents that want to see you succeed with them?


Do you have someone in your corner who will actually pick up the phone when you call? Someone to answer your questions when you have them, not days later?


Does your broker truly have time for you, or are you 1 of many just trying to get a few free minutes?


Are you sick of feeling like every time you call for help your ‘annoying’ someone?

If you’re nodding your head yes

as your reading through these questions, you are definitely in the right place. I get it, because I've been there, and too many agents are stuck in this place too.

And the reason is because the brokerage system we work in today isn’t built around the agent. It isn’t built to grow your business as an agent. It’s built for the success of the broker.

A big contributor to the 87% failure rate in real estate is we are working in a broken system and someone finally stepped in to do something about it.


Splits are high and hard work is hardly rewarded.

Competition is fierce and you feel like you’re annoying someone every time you have a simple question.

You don’t even feel comfortable taking on transactions because you don’t know where to turn for help.

Your broker is in the field competing for the same deals you are, breeding competition instead of collaboration

You want to be successful, ambition isn’t the issue

But you’re sick of trying and not seeing the success you thought you’d have by now.

I’ve been in your shoes and I also knew there had to be a solution.

This is why I moved to EXP.

When it was small.

When it wasn’t proven.

When the stock was worth $7/share, not $70.


I moved to EXP even though I loved my broker.


I joined EXP because I knew deep down I couldn’t stay in real estate like this.


I wouldn’t be able to keep my license much longer if things stayed the same, I saw what I needed and I went for it, and thankfully I can tell you years in, I’ve never looked back.


EXP Realty is an entirely new brokerage model to this industry, and it’s everything that I knew was missing.

It’s the 1:1 support at all hours of the day

It’s the team support without the team split

It’s the passive income opportunities… multiple

It’s agent focused, not broker, putting the agent first -- always

It’s high splits and a low cap, making it truly attainable to be at 100% commission

It’s mentorship from billion dollar agents

It’s 50+ classes of education a week from the comfort of home

It’s the ability to start your own team, without the cost and liability

It’s daily team meetings to keep you going

It’s agents cheering you on rather than competing with you

It’s an international referral network

It’s opportunity

It’s support

It’s family

It’s the way brokerages should have been run from the start.


This is how I run the Baskies team at EXP Realty

Agent support comes first, always.

What you get when you join:

- 1:1 weekly coaching with Jessica Baskies
- Unlimited access to Jessica Baskies via call and text
- Accountability check-ins
- Lifetime access to The Agent Toolkit and The Agent Blueprint - Jessica’s signature coaching program.

Invitation to our teams exclusive group mastermind calls, daily on Zoom
Access to our team group chat comprised of over 100 EXP agents helping agents
Direct access to world-class agents that will be directly on your team such as Fred DeFalco (40+ years of real estate and development experience), Paul Saperstein (Real Trends Top 100 Listing Agent in the country for the last 5 years), George Philbeck (ranked #1 agent in the entire Keller Williams organization before leaving for EXP). These agents will be in your upline and available to you, day and night

Ready for the real estate career you’ve been dreaming of?